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Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Being a Broadway snob, I wasn't sure what to expect with Arts Club Theatre's mounting of the musical comedy Xanadu, but let me tell you, I was IMPRESSED!! Thank you Arts Club for bringing it to the table! I saw the Broadway version and this was very comparable!
(Of course, there's no matching the luscious thighs of Cheyenne Jackson, mind you.

But anyone who can strap on roller skates AND belt out an Olivia Newton-John ballad has me giving a standing ovation! Everybody in this cast did a solid job, singing, dancing, and hamming up the 80s film that this is based on. It may have flopped at the cinemas, but it is finding new hilarious life on the musical stage, with a tongue-in-cheek irony that lets all of us in on the fun.

Light and breezy, this is the perfect summertime musical for everyone to catch! Even though one of the characters proclaims it to be like "children's theatre for gay 40 year olds" that doesn't mean you have to be a gay 40 year old to enjoy this!

It's got Greek demigods, leg warmers, short shorts, a Pegasus, fake Australian accents, and so much more! Gaelan Beatty as Sonny Malone, seems to be a pro in his roller skates and knee high socks! And you KNOW I wanted to be Marlie Collins' Kira every time she glided onto the stage, wind blowing through her hair and rippling her dress in all the right places! However, this was the closest thing to me becoming Kira:

Seriously, you HAVE TO GO SEE XANADU!!!

Xanadu plays at the Granville Island Stage now until August 4th! What are you waiting for? You have to believe it's magic!!

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