; Fun! Fun! Vancouver!: October 2008

Friday, 31 October 2008

If You Want Me Let Me Know, Baby Let It Show...

And so last night was Madonna's first touch-down in Vancouver, ever, and the 60,000 fans who packed the stadium to see her erupted in a sea of screams when the lights finally went out just before 9:30pm.

The floor seats I had were at first spectacular, but when everyone crowded the aisles in front of us, it got to be a bit annoying. There was no control whatsoever by the staff there, and they expect to hold the 2010 Olympics in here? Have fun!!

The ONE person in our section who stood on a chair happened to be RIGHT IN FRONT of me! She was this 3"4 woman so I couldn't really blame her, but Really? She wasn't even from our section! She had snuck up from behind with the 500 other people. And stood up on a seat that wasn't even her own. I managed to poke my head through little gaps in the crowd to see the stage, but if my view had been enetirely blocked by her, you KNOW i would have kicked that chair out from under her!!!

Anyway, the highlight for me of the evening was her rockin' rendition of Borderline, which for me, gave it an angrier/hurt/urgent feel. I belted it out along with her, singing about a guy who just keeps her hanging, who sends her mixed signals, and even though she's given all she can, he just keeps on pushing her love "over the borderline..." I feel it, Madge. I feel it!

Another song that struck a chord with me (no pun intended, even though she totally picked up that damn guitar of hers AGAIN for this number) was Hung Up. A song about being hung up on a guy, waiting for him to call, tired of waiting around for him? Gee, sound familliar, Hot-Lunch?

Okay, in order, she did Candy Shop, coming out on a purple throne which my friends and I had already dismissed as a Gwen Stefani/Love Angel Music Baby rip-off. This was followed by another newbie, Beat Goes On, which included a cameo by a Rolls Royce being wheeled onto the stage.

Human Nature followed, with the much balley-hooed Britney Spears sequence in tow. Meah. Madonna just stood there with that goddamned guitar again. I wasn't sure if I should watch her or Britney, but neither were very interesting at this point.

Vogue was up next and it was frickin' awesome! Done to a Four Minutes mash-up, the new vogue dance moves were killer and I so need to learn them!

Costume change time, while we watched a Die Another Day montage featuring M in her boxing attire. I'm a sucker for video sequences like this. I could watch those all day long.

The next section was the funnest of the night, beginning with Into The Groove and including Keith Haring images in the background and some serious jump-roping and double-dutch! Heartbeat, one of my favourite songs from the new album, was next. "Hut hut, get down!" I hate that part of the song, but love it. Know what I mean?

Then Borderline, followed by She's Not Me which included four dancers dressed like old incarnations of Madonna. There was Express Yourself Madonna, Open Your Heart Madonna, Material Girl Madonna, and Like a Virgin Wedding Dress Madonna. The real Madonna proceeded to rip their costumes off them and shoving them aside, while literally proclaiming, "She's not me!" Sadly, I didn't notice the part where she and Pharell randomly shout out: "Wendy!"

Music was next, and I liked how it began as though they were all getting off a subway train. This song is overdone for me, having seen it performed for each of her last four tours! Hey Mr DJ, put the record down already!!! Put something else on for cryin' out loud!

Time for another interlude, with Rain mixed up with Eurythmics' Here Comes The Rain Again. Random.

It was time to bring the mellow into the show, beginning with a beautiful performance of The Devil Wouldn't Recognize You which had Madonna shrouded in a black cloak for most of the song, atop a piano, behind a cylinder screen that had images of water being projected onto it. Spanish Lesson was next, and forgettable, much like the track itself. (Though I admit I like the "If you do your homework, maybe I will give you more" bit.)

Miles Away was amazing, with the whole stadium clapping along. La Isla Bonita, another overplayed song of hers, was redone gypsy style a la her Live Earth performance and it was pretty good. I wasn't paying too much attention during You Must Love Me. I think the chaos going on around me on the floor was distracting me at this point.

A little interlude about saving the Earth, followed by Four Minutes which is not a favourite of mine at all. The crowd went nuts for the raved-up version of Like a Prayer, immediately followed by Ray of Light. A singalong of Like a Virgin took the request part of the night. Personally I was hoping for Open Your Heart or Dress You Up - two songs I've yet to see her perform live in front of me. This final stretch kicked it all into high gear with the dance tunes, including the aforementioned Hung Up and the final song of the evening, Give It 2 Me. It was energetic but I'm not sure if people knew it since it doesn't get any radio airplay here!

In the end, I'm sure it was a very historic night for many a Vancouverite who were finally touched for the very first time! As for me, I got home at 1am, and was up at 5:30am to get ready for work. So, please forgive me any typos or lazy reviewing!!