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Thursday, 19 July 2012


It takes two women to teach us what it means to be a man. Playwrights Andrea Loewen and Dani Bryant and Xua Xua Productions bring their play ARMED to the Pacific Theatre now until Saturday, July 21.

The story centers around Joe, who has seemingly lost his balls after his girlfriend gets a job promotion over him and winds up laying him off. It's a great allegory for what represents masculinity in our modern day and age. Is it the presence of two testicles between our legs? Is it how one fits into society's gender-biased roles, i.e. breadwinner, boss, soldier.

We are taken on Joe's trip of self-discovery as he MANoeuvres his way through a pressure-filled jewelery store, a testosterone-pumped boot camp, a triple feat of manly tests, a humiliating tattoo parloud experience, and a humbling playground encounter. Most impressive is the workout that actor Darren Boquist has to do every night on stage as Joe. They really put him through the ringer with that boot camp scene, and I was exhausted just watching him! The physicality of his role was definitely demanding and Boquist gave it his all!

ARMED is playing now until Saturday at the Pacific Theatre. You can buy your tickets online!

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