; Fun! Fun! Vancouver!: October 2007

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Writer's Festival

The Vancouver International Writer's Festival begins today.

Of interest is the attendance of author Neil Smith (Bang Crunch) and Giller award winning author/doctor Vincent Lam (Bloodletting and Other Miraculous Cures).

Unfortunately, a lot of the events I want to attend take place during the daytime while I'm at work.

Monday, 1 October 2007


I took in a Sunday matinee of the Stanley Theatre's production of Stephen Sondheim's Company yesterday.

I hate Sondheim musicals. With the exception of the work he did for the Dick Tracy movie, I can't stand his songs, let alone his musicals. Or maybe it's because the only other Sondheim show I've seen was also put on by the Stanley Theatre, who have been known to have a stinker or two.

Company is the story of a 35 year old single man living in a world of couples. Gee, talk about working out your issues through art! It was modernized and the story was relative to today's world, but overall I was a bit bored and completely annoyed by the music/songs.

The other Sondheim musical I saw, Sweeney Todd, comes to movie theatres this December. I hated it on stage, but I also hated Chicago on stage - at the movies however, I went to see Chicago a personal record of 6 times. So, let's hope that Sweeney Todd the Movie will be worth going to this Christmas! I'm sure with director Tim Burton at the helm and Johnny Depp starring as the "demon barber of Fleet Street," it'll be decent enough!