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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Holding Out for a Heron

(photo from Flickr)

Last night Jill and I walked around downtown and found ourselves at the Stanley Park tennis courts gawking upwards at the multitude of Heron nests up in the trees. They nest here every year, and right now, it's the PERFECT time to go check them out. The baby herons have hatched and it's officially "Fledgling time" as the newborns are learning how to fly! We managed to watch one grip onto a branch and flap its wings for a good minute. It was a beautiful sight, and these birds are just majestic.

(photo from Flickr)

I couldn't leave without trying to capture one of them in flight, so here's what I managed to get with my little iPhone camera:

Of course it's nothing compared to the real thing, so make sure you get down to Stanley Park this month to check out this wonderful treat from nature! You can read more about the Great Blue Herons of Stanley Park here.

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