; Fun! Fun! Vancouver!: November 2011

Monday, 21 November 2011

The Grey Cup Is Coming!

So I'm not a football fan or anything, but it is exciting for our city to have the Grey Cup event taking place this week. It's the Canadian equivalent to the US Superbowl. Playing in it will be our very own BC Lions! Let's hope they win, and should they not bring the cup home, then let's pray there won't be another riot this year! For some reason though, I think the hockey fans were more likely to foam at the mouth than these football fans. Hockey just seems to be more popular and attracts more of the wannabe fans who jump on the bandwagon and like to cause trouble when things don't go their way. But football fans seem to be a devoted group who have seen their team win and lose over the years, so are prepared for it.

Anyhow, there's lots of events taking place in the city, which is the best part of all. I will try to get out to some of them and definitely will be at one of the parties! I'm not a football fan, but I enjoy a good celebration! It's not everyday that the Grey Cup is hosted by your city, so why not enjoy it!?