; Fun! Fun! Vancouver!: December 2014

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Crazy For You

Wow. I turned to my friend at intermission and had only one word to say. Wow.

Was I in New York or in Richmond? Who knew that happening RIGHT NOW out in Richmond at the Gateway Theatre, is one of the finest musicals I've ever seen locally! Gershwin's Crazy For You is currently playing, and you will be transported from Broadway to the deserts of Nevada, from the inside of a saloon to backstage at a theater. All of this done by some amazing set work and detail, as well as a highly talented cast of singers, actors, dancers, aka Triple Threats. 

And really, who could ask for anything more? The songs are catchy, the choreography by Julie Tomato is fan-freaking-tastic, and the entire ensemble are superb, led by the excellent tap dancing stylings of Gaelan Beatty as Bobby Child. The calibre of this production rivals anything you'll find on Broadway! 

This show was so damn good, I want to go again, and bring all my musical-loving friends to it. With the holiday season upon us, it is the perfect gift to give! What are you waiting for? Someone to watch over you? 

Crazy For You runs at the Gateway Theatre until December 31st. 

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Little Women

Thank you to Fighting Chance Productions for bringing Little Women The Musical to town! There are so many shows from Broadway that don't get the national tour treatment, so the only way to see them other than going to New York is to depend on local companies to mount them.

This production of Little Women is the perfect holiday treat to bring the whole family to. The music and songs are good, you'll be "delighted" and as for the lead actress who takes on the central role of Jo, she's simply Astonishing, as is the rest of the cast who make up this treasured tale.

After seeing this, I wanted to go watch the Winona Ryder movie version immediately. There are only a few more dates left in their run, so make sure to get to Little Women The Musical asap!

Little Women is on until December 21 at Studio 1398 on Granville Island. Tickets available online.