; Fun! Fun! Vancouver!: March 2010

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The Olympics Have Left the Building

Here's a moving montage tribute done by a Globe and Mail columnist about the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Olympics 2010: Memories

Today the streets are bare. The flame has been snuffed out, the line up at Japadog has dwindled to a few, the houses and pavilions are being broken down, and there are only a smattering of Canada hoodies and jackets to be seen now.

Just this past weekend, I was in attendance at the Figure Skating Exhibition Gala, ringing my cowbell and cheering on Joannie Rochette and Virtue and Moir. The Ex got last minute tickets courtesy of his boss and so we went. It was a fun and emotional show, especially when Joannie came onto the ice and skated for her mother and the entire stadium stood up to give her a standing ovation.

Then yesterday's hockey game. I started off at Jill's sister's drinking Pims and eating sandwiches and then left by the second period to get downtown, where I met up with Darren and his friend, and we made our way into LiveCity Yaletown to watch the rest of the game on the big screen. Of course we had it in the bag, right up until the 24 seconds that were left in the third period. Me watching and talking about hockey? Who knew? The Olympics really do bring the people together!

The cheering and the madness that went on after was incomparable. National anthems breaking out on every corner, cars honking, people cheering, it was a nuthouse, but in a good way.

I had to dash over to BC Place to make it to the Closing Ceremonies, and was thrilled when I got there to find on my seat my audience participation kit, which included a poncho, a Sochi snowglobe, and moose antlers with a flashing red light. Did you see the show? I thought it was more fun than the opening ceremonies, because it was more of a party atmosphere and less about trying to impress the world. Loved the "Made in Canada" part, and not just because my friend Alexis was one of the Mountiettes in it. It was kitschy Canadiana and I loved that!

Today of course, it's hard to believe that our city was swept up in all of that for the past two weeks. Hopefully, if you're here, you got a chance to go be part of it, however big or small.

There's still a line up at the Bay however, for those smart shoppers looking for a post-Olympics deal.