; Fun! Fun! Vancouver!: August 2019

Monday, 26 August 2019

Deep Into Darkness

Last night I went to see the final performance of Deep Into Darkness at The Cultch. It's based on the life/work of Edgar Allan Poe and is an immersive theatre experience.

I have been to New York and seen the show Sleep No More twice, and this is basically the same idea, if not a complete knock off. Except with Sleep No More, the inspiration is Macbeth.  I wonder if that company has sold the rights to do shows like this but with the freedom to choose what inspiration to use?

Like Sleep No More, Deep Into Darkness splits up your group with cards (tarot cards vs playing cards), and you start off in a public area where everyone can talk and drink and enjoy some musical performances. It was really hard for me to not compare the show to Sleep No More as most of the elements were the exact same. 

Once you are allowed into the rest of the show, you wander around silently wearing a white mask along with the other audience members. Actors flit to and fro from room to room, and you can follow them to watch the action, or you can rummage through the sets and read more of the story via notes and books left out for people to peruse.

I witnessed someone being pulled into a house in the forest and I can only assume the actors who pulled the audience member in told her a story or did a private scene in the house. This exact experience happened to me at Sleep No More where I was pulled into a cottage in the woods and the woman inside told me a story about the loneliest boy in the world. It was an amazing experience.

Everything culminates in the Cultch's main theatre as we watch a dining scene featuring Poe and his pals, which mirrored the Macbeth dinner death scene at Sleep No More.

Overall, the Cultch did a top notch job at bringing this type of experience and theatre to Vancouver. For those who don't have the luxury to go to New York and see Sleep No More, then this was a perfect substitute.

Sunday, 25 August 2019


Still one of the best kept secrets in the lower mainland is the New Media Gallery out in New Westminster.

It may be small but it always has an intriguing exhibit going on, including the current one, titled WINDS.

Each piece that is showcased has something to do with the wind, whether it's livestream mirroring the speed of wind at a lake out East, or recreating a windy day from yesteryear.

The WINDS exhibit is on now until September 29.

Saturday, 24 August 2019


Nothing tops off the summer like a visit to the annual PNE fairgrounds. This year's summer concert line-up is pretty decent, though there aren't any acts I MUST go and see. I noticed Billy Idol's already sold out, but there are still seats available for the MC Hammer/Bobby Brown night, as well as for the closing night's TLC concert

If you're not a music lover, or none of the acts interest you, there is still plenty to do at the PNE. From rides and games to touring the dream home and Super Dogs, and of course the show mart. These are all classic things that I like to do every year just for the sake of doing them.

There are a few new attractions this year, including the Instagram exhibit where you can go and take selfies with fun backgrounds and props. There's also the magic of Reveen (not the original Reveen, but his son.) To be honest, I found the show a bit disappointing, as Tyrone Reveen fumbled through his words and seemed completely disengaged from the show, like he was on autopilot.

When all else fails however, there's the food. And this year boasts creative concoctions such as the Butterbeer smokin' soft serve (for all those Harry Potter fans out there), a pickle dog, super long french fries, deep fried coffee, a Cheetos encrusted corndog, and my pick of the fair, a Pickle Pizza! It was very good, actually!! Don't believe me? Go to the PNE and try it for yourself!! 

Friday, 23 August 2019

A Queer Century, 1869-1969

On now until September 11 at the UBC Rare Books and Special Collections is a wonderful little exhibit featuring LGBTQ literature and art to celebrate several milestones including the 50th anniversary of the gay rights movement and the de-criminalization of homosexuality in Canada.

Monday, 12 August 2019

The Queen

On now at the Vancity Theatre is an excellent documentary on drag queens filmed back in 1967, predating Stonewall! Extraordinary that this exists and is accessible to us today. It follows a weekend where a drag beauty pageant takes place in New York City.

It was just so amazing to witness and see these gay men from the 60s, before gay rights was even a thing. Their attitudes, their fashion, their unapologetic abandon as to who they were. Truly an inspiring film that everyone should rush out to see.

You have one last chance this week to see The Queen, on Tuesday at 5pm!