; Fun! Fun! Vancouver!: August 2009

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

I Wear Tight Clothing, High Heeled Shoes, That Doesn't Mean That I'm a Prostitute!

Last night I went to our local fair, the PNE, along with a few hundred other feygelahs, to spend an evening with some familiar funky divas: it was a free summer concert by EN VOGUE!!!! With Corn Dogs in one hand and a bag of mini-donuts in the other, I was ready for some Dawn Robinson, Cindy, Terry Ellis, and Maxine!!! Bring it on Girls!!!

When they sang Don't Let Go, I totally wanted to dedicate that to The Guy! lol! "Don't you wanna be, more than friends?" I love their video for this, look at the rage they have in their eyes. Also, all of them seem to get their time in the spotlight and can each hold their own singing-wise. Too bad Dawn had to go and break up the group by leaving it, otherwise who knows how well they could've maintained their success?

From their classic Hold On and the soulful Giving Him Something He Can Feel to the Salt-N-Pepa rap duet Whatta Man and the diva-esque My Lovin' You're Never Gonna Get It, the girls covered all of their big hits and several covers of oldies!

And of course, who can forget their anthem, Free Your Mind?

A fantastic evening!!!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Love for the new Skytrain Line!

I am loving the new Skytrain line that just opened up this week. Monday was a gong show when the Canada Line opened its doors and allowed passengers to ride for free for the day. The line ups were city blocks long to try to get on, so I didn't bother. Instead, I waited for the next day when I could just hop on with my transit card and boy was it glorious! Roomy and spacious, clean and odor-free! I managed to get a seat, I didn't have to sit next to someone that smelled like booze or urine, and I didn't have to stand on the platform waiting for 3 trains to pass me by before being able to get on one!

Yesterday Philip and I escaped downtown on our lunch break and took the new line all the way out to Richmond and hopped off for some authentic Chinese food. I was pleasantly surprised to see that one of the new stops was at the River Rock Casino, so the next time I have a concert to attend out there, I can just hop on the train to go!

I hope the trains stay nice and clean but I'm sure the grafitti artists and vandals will begin their work soon enough. Still, it's convenient and about time!!