; Fun! Fun! Vancouver!: November 2007

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Kathy Griffin and Special Guests...

Kathy Griffin rocked the house last night here in Vancouver at the RiverRock Casino!

She was downright hilarious and had everyone rolling in the aisles!

Before heading in, we spotted Dan Ackroyd outside the casino getting out of his car. Looking a bit pudgy, it was still him though. He is in town with John Belushi doing their Blues Brothers act tonight.

However, what may have stolen the show was when she started talking about meeting strong women who have survived so much in their lifetimes... "And in Season One, we tried to meet this lady. I was thrilled to have finally met her last night, and this evening she is here in the audience and I just want to say hi. Please put the spotlight on her... everybody, an amazing lady... Miss... LIZA MINELLI!!!"

The spotlight beamed down, RIGHT IN FRONT OF US! Liza Minelli was sitting one row directly in front of us!!! I could have leaned over and touched her if I wanted to! OMG!! And she looked great. She's lost a bunch of weight, and was smiling and laughing throughout the rest of the show. She did look a bit frail though, and people had to help her up and down the stairs. However, that was truly shocking and amazing.

Liza was at the casino doing 3 performances this past week, so it was awesome she stuck around for Kathy Griffin. With the number of feygellahs in the crowd, you can't even imagine how distracted we all were once we realized she was there. It was definitely, definitely, a special night to remember!!