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Monday, 16 July 2012

Wine Tasting in Vancouver: LuLu Island Winery

Can't make it out to the Okanagan Valley for some wine tours? That's okay, you can stay right here in the Lower Mainland and get your fix! For the past few summers, I've made it out to Fort Langley where I found myself sipping on the succulent wines of The Fort Wine Company. Add to this a selection of meats and cheeses, and it makes for the perfect summer afternoon!

But if Fort Langley is too far off the beaten path for you, then you might want to stay closer to the city and just jut across to Richmond to visit the LuLu Island Winery, which is where I found myself on Sunday.

We took a tour of the facility and learned that LuLu Island Winery is owned by a Taiwanese couple, and that the current site was used as China House during the 2010 Olympics! I was around for the Olympics and tried to visit as many of the houses as I could, but did not know about China House, otherwise I would have tried to make it out here!

We were told that the grapes used for their wines do come from the Okanagan Valley, but that they are trying to grow their own grapes on site and hope to make a batch of wine from it soon!

The tour guide, Farrah, was as sweet as the Ice Wine, and she helped us all sample the assortment of products that they had at the winery. My favourite was definitely the Pinot Blanc ice wine, which tasted just like honey! Delicious!


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