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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Altar Boyz

Altar Boyz is DIVINE!! This musical was heaven!! I was literally laughing until tears were streaming down my face!! Hand to God, no word of a lie!

So here is my confession. I wasn't expecting much from this show. I mean, it's one of those shows you hear about, that is constantly on Off-Broadway but never quite makes it to Broadway, so really, how good can it be, right? Well, the Arts Club Theatre's production of Altar Boyz is simply magnificent! The basis of the show? A Christian boy band. Right? Isn't that all you need to know?

Jak Barradell rips up the stage with his stunning dance moves as the "bad boy" of the group, Luke. Jeremy Crittenden takes the lead as Matthew. Michael Culp adds in the exotic flavour as Juan. Brandyn Eddy is the out-of-place Jewish boy. And Geoff Stevens is the hilariously flaming Mark. The harmonizing and choreography is seamless! Each actor holds their own too, when it's his turn in the spotlight. My favourite numbers included the tongue-in-cheek Rhythm In Me, Mark's solo confession on Epiphany, and the rapping styles of Body, Mind & Soul!

The show sends up religion and boy bands in the most hilarious way you can imagine! Our expectations were exceeded beyond our wildest dreams! From the lyrics to the calibre of acting/singing/dancing, this show is a MUST SEE show of the summer! Between Altar Boyz and Xanadu, the Arts Club is doing well this season with fun, fantastic shows for Vancouver! So get the hell over there already!!

Altar Boyz plays at the Arts Club Revue Stage on Granville Island now until Sept 1!

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