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Friday, 20 July 2012

Hiking in Vancouver - Lynn Loop

I am not a hiker. But I don't mind doing it, because I do live in Vancouver, after all. And isn't that part of the reason why a lot of people move here? I really need to take advantage of the natural playground that we have at our doorstep. So, this past weekend, Alexis and I decided to do just that! So we hit up Google, and found this site that features hiking trails in Vancouver.

We decided on something that was Beginners' Level, and ended up with Lynn Loop, over on the North Shore at Lynn Valley. Fun!! It was supposed to be only 5K, and would take only about an hour.

See that nice little wooden path somebody built? Yeah. We thought it would be like that.

We were wrong.

Well, we were wrong only because we got LOST.

Lesson #1: Have a MAP!! Why didn't we take a screenshot of the map? Or pick up a map at the park? I don't know. But we didn't, and we were fools because of it.

4KM into the hike, we thought, Oh we are nearly done!! And we would have been, had we not detoured our way onto a DIFFERENT Trail.

See that path that says Lynn Loop Trail? We should've turned right where it says BOULDERS and then gone back to the start to complete our "loop."

However, we ended up going forward, up the Cedar Mills Trail, ending at the Third Debris Chute, and then going back taking the Headwaters Trail. After the easy-peasy jaunt along the Lynn Loop trail, this Headwaters Trail was like a giant slap in the face. We later looked at a map of the park and discovered that it was considered an "Intermediate" hiking trail. That would explain the rough terrain we found ourselves cursing at! "Should we call to get airlifted out?" we kept wondering aloud, but we knew that wasn't really an option so we just pushed on.

Now that we've done it, we're glad we can say we survived! Maybe our next hike won't be quite as ambitious, even though we didn't aim to be that ambitious in the first place!

It's summer, the sun is here, so why not make the best of the season and take in a lovely Vancouver hike!! Bring water, bring a MAP, bring a phone, Stay Safe, and HAVE FUN!!

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