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Monday, 16 July 2012

Marina and The Diamonds

Had a stellar night last night at the Commodore at the Marina and the Diamonds concert!

It is always a wonderful venue to see an artist or band in such an intimate space. For those who did not make it out, you sure missed an electric evening of haunting vocals and awesome dance songs! She sang pretty much everything I wanted her to sing, except for Living Dead. I was happy enough letting loose to Primadonna, Shampain, and Radioactive. The opening number was Homewrecker, which she sang with a wedding veil on.

In terms of merchandise, there was a mens and a womens t shirt available, and that was about it. By the end, the mens' shirt had sold out!

The stage was simple, with just a neon sign in the background that said ELECTRA HEART (the name of her latest album). Also on stage was a coat-rack, which helped with her subtle costume changes - from donning a beauty pageant sash that read Miss Shellfish Bitch to a pink nightie.

So glad I got to see her! Thank you for coming to Vancouver, Marina!!

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