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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Surrey Tree Lighting

Haul out the holly... !

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! And to get a jumpstart on things, Surrey will be holding their Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony THIS SATURDAY !

At City Hall Plaza (just off the Surrey Central skytrain station) from Noon - 7pm.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Eastside Culture Crawl

I went to my very first Vancouver Eastside Culture Crawl just last year, and now I am addicted!! I cannot wait for this event, which starts up this Thursday and goes on until Sunday! So many artists and so much art and goodies and things to look at and buy! Perfect place to do some Christmas Shopping!

Happy 20th Anniversary to the Eastside Culture Crawl! Check out their website for maps and a list of artists/exhibitors!

Monday, 7 November 2016

Now Or Later

This play couldn't be more timely. With the American election one day away, why not infuse your theatre night out with a dose of politics with Fighting Chance Productions' Canadian premiere of Now Or Later, written by Pulitzer prize nominee Christopher Shinn.

The story revolves around the eve of a Presidential election, in which the winning candidate has to deal with his gay son's public faux pas, bringing up issues of intolerance and hypocrisy. It's a thought provoking show full of grey areas. 

Nicole G. Leier, who portrays Tracy, one of the many aides who file into the pressure cooker of a hotel room to discuss the unraveling events, was the highlight of the show for me. It wasn't just because she guzzled down a minibar bottle of vodka, but her poised presence and emotional speech about being a person of colour really hits home.  

Fighting Chance further adds to the diversity by casting Winson Won  as Marc, another one of the President Elet's aides. Paula Spurr's Jessica is the perfect First Lady to Be, assertive and glamorous. Brian Hinson channels his best Martin Sheen as the newly elected leader of the country. Justin Anthony's Matt brings a welcome dose of humour to the show, while Jake Sheardown tackles the lead role of John, the gay and privileged son who makes an irreversible public mistake. Sheardown easily has the most lines to get through during the show as he is in just about every scene, so kudos to him. 

Thank you again to Fighting Chance Productions and Ryan Mooney for continuing to bless our city with opportunities to see theatre and shows that we may not otherwise get to see. 

Go now, rather than later, to see Now Or Later at the PAL Theatre, on till November 13. 

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Suitcase Stories

On now at Pacific Theatre is a tremendous and inspiring performance by Maki Yi, in her one-woman show that she wrote and stars in - Suitcase Stories.

Yi spends an hour and 40 minutes non-stop, no intermission, on the stage transfixing the audience with her tale of immigrating to Canada from Korea. That is downright impressive. Her immigration story is full of frustration and bureaucracy, perhaps familiar to many people out there.

With a barebones stage, it's just Yi and her suitcase. But armed with a piece of chalk, Yi transforms the space into a world map. With the help of a simple streamer, she manages to convey a long bus ride through the forests of Ontario followed by the flat Prairies. 

It's a story about being torn between two worlds, not belonging in either, the loss of hope, and rediscovering faith. Everything is simple yet complicated but ultimately effective. Yi brims with energy, sadness, and childlike love for the theatre. Come get inspired and revel in the Korean melody that Yi serenades the audience with.

Suitcase Stories is on now at the Pacific Theatre until November 12.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Frankenstein, 1945

Are you in the mood for some live theatre to get you into the Halloween spirit? On now at Studio 1398 is Mily Mumford's Frankenstein, 1945 presented by Nebula Company Theatre.

Dripping in film noir, this take on the classic monster tale resettles in post-World War II Berlin, Germany. The creature Frankenstein is none other than a pet project done by a doctor who worked in the concentration camps doing experiments on humans.

It's a slick production with smoke machines, strobe lights, and black and white film projection. My big thing when it comes to plays are the number of scene changes, and there definitely are quite a bit in this, making the switch from one to another interrupting the flow of the play. It's disguised however with voiceovers and background music.

Frankenstein, 1945 is on now until October 30th at Studio 1398 on Granville Island.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Love, The Sea

I feel sorry for you. I also feel guilty. Why? Because you probably didn't get to go see Studio 58 and Risky Nights' production of Love, The Sea - An Underwater Play. And I would've told you about it sooner had I not gone on the very last day.

"Now in its 17th season, the Risky Nights Series is designed as a bridge between classroom work and main stage productions. At the conclusion of their second year of training, students have an invaluable opportunity to create every aspect of an original theatre piece from start to finish with a professional director, and perform it for an intimate audience."

Knowing that, it is even more amazing to have witnessed what Directors Tim Carlson and Daniel Doheny and the fourth term students of Studio 58 have created and delivered. Love, The Sea takes place beneath the water and it revolves around letters written by Virginia Woolf, who killed herself by walking into a river with stones in her pockets.

This experience immerses you into a magical and mystical world, held in a dark room and lit by lights adorning the actors (in diving helmets, glowing jellyfish and giant turtles, and glass bottle containing a white light, i.e. Woolf's soul). 

It was astounding and probably the coolest show I've seen all year. I wish it could have been on for longer than a week. I would've returned to see it again and again and brought everyone I know with me.

Dear Studio 58 and Risky Nights, please bring this back as soon as you can.
Love, Fun Fun Vancouver.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Angels In America: Part One - Millennium Approaches

I finally had the privilege to go see the much talked about Studio 58 production of Angels in America: Millennium Approaches. It was well worth the wait! It's a highly ambitious play to mount, in terms of the dialogue and the sets, but Studio 58 pulls everything off flawlessly.

The amazing set design by Drew Facey is stunningly original and effective, as the scenes change and flow, we are instantly carried away from a NewYork apartment into a mens' bathroom and then over to a hillside in Salt Lake City. It's simple, but it works extremely well.

Then there's the acting. Studio 58 continues to keep up their reputation as being one of the most talented powerhouse theatres in town. All the actors did a stupendous job but the one breakout performance of the night for me had to have been Julien Galipeau's portrayal of  Prior. He turns on a dime from campy to heartbreak. Just when you think the scene is going to be light and fluffy, Galipeau will deliver a line or a look that will sucker punch you right in the gut.

Tony Kushner's award-winning and iconic play is done justice here at Studio 58. Everything culminates into a cliffhanging reveal that is well worth the 3 hour journey it takes to get there.

You only have one last chance to go see this production, as it ends today with one final matinee performance! It's raining out, so why not go take in some top notch theatre?

Angels in America Part One : Millennium Approaches is on at Studio 58 at Langara College.