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Friday, 19 February 2010

Olympics 2010: Yahoo!

It's all about the freebies. At Casa Italia (the Italian House) yesterday on my lunch break, I snagged a free cheese grater, a free tote bag, and a bar of Kinder chocolate!

Then last night The Ex and I visited Yahoo! House, which is the headquarters for figure skater Elvis Stojko, who is writing Olympics coverage for Yahoo. It's a pretty fun pavilion, because you get a free pin, free hot chocolate, and free heat packs (not that we need it in this glorious glorious weather we're getting!)

There were also TVs and big screens all over where you can watch the live events. We were there to witness Sidney Crosby's winning shot in the Canada vs Switzerland hockey game last night. It's the eye of the storm though, because the stadium is mere blocks away which meant we needed to hightail it out of there before the mass exodus took place out onto the streets.

But not before taking some silly photos for Yahoo! who have stations set up for folks to come in and do their poses. They then give you two free hard copies of your photos, as well as upload them up onto Flickr. Check out the Yahoo Fancouver photos here!

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