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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Olympics 2010: Heineken House

Today I heard someone say, "Might as well see everything while you can!"

Good attitude!

Which is why I'm proud of myself for saying YES to going out late last night to the Holland Heineken House located at the Richmond O-Zone. I went with my Ex and his boss and his boss' girlfriend. The boss paid for everything - from the cab ride from downtown Vancouver to Richmond (and back) to the entrance fee and to the beer inside.

Inside was a MASSIVE party going on, and they were all especially happy because earlier that evening the Netherlands won a Gold medal in the men's speed skating! Needless to say, it was very very celebratory! They had a cover band doing songs by request from the audience (who had to go up to a telephone and call it in to the singer on the stage). Some songs and requests were in Dutch, but it didn't matter because everyone was having an amazingly great time!

I tried out some of the food they had there, including some deep fried mashed potato and meat mix that they sandwiched into a hot dog bun. The people working there were partying it up too. I took a photo of these workers who posed for me and then got caught dancing behind the counter!

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