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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Olympics 2010: Opening Ceremony Dress Rehearsal!

Last night I was very fortunate to attend the dress rehearsal of the Olympics Opening Ceremony. What an amazing once in a lifetime experience!! Even though it was just a dress rehearsal, you could feel the energy and excitement in the air!

You can't compare anything to Beijing, so don't even bother. However, it is wonderfully Canadian. I'm not one to blindly love my country, I know it has its faults. But it's nice to feel some Canadian pride and last night, I was brought to tears with it.

I don't want to give anything away, but you can probably google and some idiot in the crowd has most likely done a tell-all by now online somewhere. The performers were not all there - though one big name was present, and sang for us. That was definitely a sweet surprise. They used stand-ins for the other performers while they played the song that is to be used. You can kinda guess from the songs and the vocals, who will be performing. There is definitely one huge star that's going to be performing and I think when this person takes the stage, it will be absolutely breathtaking.

Don't miss the opening ceremonies, broadcast on NBC this Friday!!!!

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