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Friday, 12 February 2010

Olympics 2010: Pin Collecting!

Why didn't I get on this bandwagon earlier?

The other day I walked into the Olympic superstore at The Bay and wound up finding my peeps. That's to say: fellow crazy hoarders, except with pins!!!

I had a few in my pocket, including one that I got at the Torch ceremony in Richmond on Tuesday night. One of them pointed at it and said, "I like that one! Wanna trade?!"

And so it began. My first pin trade! And I was immediately hooked!!! I gave it to him in exchange for a vintage Montreal Olympics pin, which I love!

Yesterday I visited the just opened Royal Canadian Mint Pavilion really briefly just to grab myself one of their pins they were giving out. I snagged two and traded one with someone a mere 10 minutes later!

I knew I should have lined up with the hordes of people at CTV months ago when they were handing out media pins! Apparently the media ones are the hardest to get and big with pin collectors!!!!

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