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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Olympics 2010: I Got My Tourtiere!

Screw you, Maison de Quebec! Who needs you, when I could go down to Place de la Francophonie down at Granville Island and order a Tourtiere AND a poutine any time I want it!! In fact, I've already done it TWICE this week, so THERE! Take THAT!

And boy was it scrumptious. The meat was perfectly spiced. The poutine had these thick wedged fries that were a meal all their own. I had one lady come by and ask me just what the heck was on my fries, and I had to explain that the little white bits were cheese curds and the brown sauce was not vinegar but in fact, gravy. She was perplexed and I explained the wonders of poutine to her, and she immediately went and ordered herself one to try. Isn't it amazing that people outside of Canada have never had a poutine?

Anyhow, Granville Island's French Quarter / Place de la Francophonie is a wonderful spot to get some Quebecois food! As long as you're not there during a hockey game, the tables and seats are plentiful, and the waitresses are tres friendly!

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