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Friday, 26 February 2010

Olympics 2010: Another Olympic Day in Vancouver

It's amazing how much there is to do in the city right now. A day has not gone by where I haven't found something to do. And people are partying hard, which means everyone around me are getting sick and catching colds from weakened immune systems. I too had the sniffles earlier in the week, but I think I've managed to recover.

Whether you're lining up in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery to get one of the Omega snowflake pins, lining up at the Royal Canadian Mint to trade in your quarters for the special Olympic coins, or lining up for 7+ hours for a 20 second ride on the free zipline above Robson Street, the common theme here is LINING UP!!

Oh but it's really not that bad. I mean, we've been getting great weather for the most part, Canada's women's hockey team won gold today, and Joannie Rochette skated a great performance for her mom and earned a bronze to boot! Did you watch her the other night and tonight? Did you break down and sob like I did?

Today I ran into a couple of old friends of mine. Ann, Al, Natalie, and Meredith, namely.

It was by my work, and I was out for a meeting when they walked past me near the Olympic cauldron. Since I was high from drinking a cup of coffee, I of course began screaming Hi to each of them, and they each looked when I called their name and waved back! Very fun! Sadly, Matt Lauer was NOT there. Oh well, it has been fun having them in our city and watching their little segments that they have been doing about Vancouver on the Today show.

In the afternoon, I took a photo with a few Canadian Olympians - Mellisa Hollingsworth from the Skeleton, Mercedes Nichol from the Snowboard Half-Pipe, and Janine Hanson who was in Rowing from the Beijing summer Olympics.

Tried to check out Ukranian House tonight, but because they suffered a kitchen fire, there was no food to be had.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Do I go to the Bay to try to hunt down one of those coveted Canada hoodies that people are desperate to get? Or maybe finally head into Yaletown to see what's going on down in the LiveCity venue down there? I had set out to see two free concerts - Sam Roberts Band and Our Lady Peace - and will be walking away without having gone to either. I just get so tired by the end of the day, after work, after lining up for hours, that the thought of more standing in a giant crowd of people in chilly weather just isn't that appealing.

But now that things are winding up, I may have to suck it up and just get out there and take it all in before our city goes back to normal in a few days....

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