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Thursday, 10 January 2013

The Theory of Everything - VACT

Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre (VACT) is synonymous with comedy nights, plays, and community. Their latest production is a Master Class showing of Prince Gomolvilas' The Theory of Everything.

Set in Las Vegas, we are transported to a chapel of love where an evening revolves around a UFO sighting. However,  this is more than an X-Files type story. Woven into the mix is the message of family and community. The actors all portray different types of Asians, from Chinese to Thai to Japanese to Filipino. The mishmash of cultures perhaps showcases the differences between communities, while at the same time playing off the notion that all Asians appear to be the same. Within this diaspora of cultures, we are treated to monologues from each of the characters as they all struggle with identity in their own way, whether it's a Japanese American longing to become a Hong Kong action star or a young man dealing with his sexuality or a woman who longs to be "taken" by aliens.

The open and unique layout of the stage (good feng shui!) allows for each audience member to have a different perspective, and perhaps ultimately that's what the show aims for - to provide an alternative point of view in the world of theatre and the world at large. For some, these stories will reaffirm experiences we may have gone through, while for others, it may be an evening of education you didn't expect.

The Theory of Everything runs at the Roundhouse Community Centre now until January 12. Buy your tickets online!

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