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Friday, 4 January 2013

The Gay Mafia - Jericho Arts Centre

If you're in the mood for some good ol' fashioned improv and want something different than the usual staples i.e. Vancouver Theatresports, then why not venture over to the Jericho Arts Centre sometime between now and January 12 and check out the Queer Arts Society's mounting of The Gay Mafia!

There you will find a "mob" of characters vying to be the head of the "gay mafia" and in order to do so, must act their way through a series of improv scenarios that are determined by suggestions from the audience. There's a rotating group of players involved, so you'll be sure to get something different on any given night. At last night's show, we were treated to a Davie Street KFC inspired musical, a backwards BBQ pool party, voice-over lip dubbing skits, and an audience member sword fight to name a few highlights.

The stand-outs of the evening for me had to be Alan Matthew Pavlakovic, whose constant energy morphed and shaped with every obstacle being thrown at him, while consistently bringing something new and witty to the table and moving the story along like any good improv should. Also shining bright was Briana Rayner, who kept bringing jokes and scenes back around full circle at the most opportune moments. I've been to Chicago's Second City and these two would likely do quite well over there if they chose to. 

For gay ol' time, check out The Gay Mafia at the Jericho Arts Centre on now till January 12! 

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  1. It is such a fun show! Dave Matte also deserves credit for his awesome work in the musical.