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Friday, 18 January 2013

Guest Post: Sexy Vancouver Cafes

Our stellar and diverse cafes are one of the reasons I love Vancouver. I absolutely love chatting with clients and friends in cafes while enjoying a full bodied coffee (no offense to the big chains). I picked-up my love for coffee and cafe culture while in Croatia in my mid 20's and have been seeking out the best Vancouver cafes ever since.

Below I’ve shared my current top picks. I believe all are locally owned and none are large chains. I welcome your thoughts about these cafes and your suggestions about others to try (feel free to note them in the comment box at the bottom of the post so other people can try them as well).

Milano Espresso Lounge Gastown – 36 Powell Street, Gastown
They have several locations, but I prefer their Powell Street cafe. It sports a Gastown-chik interior featuring exposed wood beams and concrete with my favourite detail being the metal lettering in the floor. Check out their espresso tasting bar. You may recognize the owners as they started Turks on Commercial Drive before Milano.

Agro Café – 1207 Hamilton Street, Yaletown
Top marks go to their Yaletown location across from the Opus Hotel and Cactus Club. It’s a great place to work in the morning when the sun is coming in through the window and Josh is working… he plays the best music. Summer is a great time to go so you can enjoy a coffee while relaxing on their totally Yaletown outdoor brick patio. If you go shopping after your coffee and brunching, you’ll nail the Yaletown trifecta.
I’m a fan of their breve lattes (lattes made with some cream) as they remind me of the rich coffees I had while living in Argentina. They offer the typical array of coffees as well as Clover made coffees.

A stellarly designed Caramel Macchiato from Agro Cafe.

This hidden gem is perfect when you're coffeed out and seeking a tea. It has an amazing selection and the owner is a young pleasant fellow. It’s tucked away in the alley behind Coffee Bar (if you’re coming from Water Street) or down the alley beside L’Abattoir (if you’re on Carrall Street). It's quiet and has a cool interior with high ceilings, exposed brick and arches. To use my nephew's lingo, it’s a great place to ‘chill.’ 

Tea and pastries at Apres Midi.

Matchstick Coffee Roasters – 639 E 15 Ave, East Vancouver (Fraser & Kingsway)   

Pleasant East Van hipsters will hand prepare your coffee. They specialize in single origin beans that they roast in the back of the café. You'll be hungry as soon as they open the oven door to take out a fresh batch of pastries or muffins. Every time I'm there, I get their orange and cranberry muffins as the flavours beautifully contrast coffee favour. A beautiful solid wood communal table as well as individual tables.

*My thanks to my friends & clients Paris & Liz for discovering this cafe!

Enjoying a coffee and orange & cranberry muffin at the communal table at Matchstick.

One of my closest friends and I chanced upon this cafe while wandering around Steveston. I had a latte and Justin enjoyed an espresso, both rocked. They also offer pour over coffee, siphon coffee and cold brewed coffee. I believe their roastery at 127 West 5th Avenue offers coffee but no food.

It has good coffee and a solid Gastown décor. It’s a little tight on seating so it’s not on my head-out-and-work-at-a-cafe list.

I enjoy the décor and they do have good coffee. Admittedly, I prefer Milano (friendlier owners) over this café but Coffee Bar is worth checking out.

I hope this gives you some ideas for new cafes to check out while supporting local businesses. Enjoy!



I met Jason a few years ago at a birthday party and was captivated by his charming smile! I'm so excited to have him on here as a guest blogger and to introduce you readers to him and his blog - My604Home.com - about Vancouver real estate and then some! He's got some great advice and insider tips into the Vancouver real estate market, so please do check out his website. And I'm loving these cafe suggestions and can't wait to go try some of them out! Anyone want to come with? 

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