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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Photog by Boca Del Lupo

The PuSh Festival comes to a close this week, and I was fortunate enough to catch one of my favourite theatre companies in town, Boca Del Lupo, and their performance of Photog.

The show centers around a photojournalist and his time spent around the world capturing images of war, suffering, and heartache. I saw a similar play a few years back called Time Stood Still, and it told the story of  a photojournalist and how she chose her work over her own life, thus affecting the relationships she had back at home.

In Photog, we get a first person perspective on what it might be like to be in the midst of warfare and chaos. Can you even begin to imagine being in these scenarios and these parts of the world, your only weapon your camera? Life through a lens is what we soon discover this world to be like.

On a technical level, the show is astonishing - featuring mixed media and acrobatics, which Boca Del Lupo has come to be known for. Their physical theatre meets social consciousness makes this another world class production from Vancouver's very own Boca Del Lupo.

If you missed Photog at PuSh, you can catch it at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts from January 30 - February 2.

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