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Monday, 1 October 2012

Madonna MDNA Tour Vancouver - September 30, 2012

"Come on Vancouver, you stoned motherfuckers!" - Madonna

And so it was the 2nd night of Madonna's MDNA tour during her stop here in Vancouver! 
Well. It's just an embarrassment of riches. Not only did I get to go see Madonna two nights in a row, but I got to be in the coveted Golden Triangle area both times! Thank you so much Guy Oseary, who has been Twittering fans all over to give them these prized tickets!

Ok, Madonna was obviously pissed off at the Saturday night crowd, who (aside from the Golden Triangle) sat around and didn't dance or sing when she ordered them to. So people who were in the know came on Sunday ready to help redeem our city's reputation, for fear that she may shun us in the future! I mean, it ONLY took 20+ years for her to get here. We don't want to give her a reason to not come back, do we?

She began with Girl Gone Wild, with everybody singing along. I was all the way up at the front - second row, if there were rows - and could see the smile on her face and that she was indeed impressed with the Sunday crowd. At one point, we swear that she looked directly at us and stuck her tongue out in a cheeky manner.

Notably absent during the second show was Holiday and Like a Virgin. Was she punishing us for the previous night's lackluster audience? Or did she feel we were amped up enough already so didn't need to include Holiday? And I wasn't a huge fan of Like a Virgin the way she did it (very slow) so maybe they felt that it was too slow for us as there wasn't much reaction to it.

When she stripped down after Human Nature, on her back was the word "Slave" on Saturday night, but on Sunday night, it instead read, "Free Pussy Riot." There was a brief mention of smoking pot and she asked the crowd if it mellowed us out when we did it or if it made us all crazy, to which everyone cheered!

She also spoke about respecting one another. It went something like this:

Madonna: Do we care about whether the person beside us is black or white or another culture?

Vancouver: No!!!!!

M: Do we care what the person next to us believes in or what religion they belong to?!

Vancouver: No!!!!

M: Do you care if the person beside you is gay or straight?!!

Vancouver: No!!!

M: Do you care about what other people wear and the kind of clothes they have on!?!

Vancouver:  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

M: (laughing and smiling) Good. You can all work for me.


She also asked where everyone was from. There were Brazilians to my left, and in front of me was a guy in a turban, whom she singled out and asked where he was from. His reply: Vancouver. That obviously wasn't exotic enough for her, so she continued, "But where's your FAMILY from!?" to which he replied, "India!" and that is what she was looking for, lol.

It was another awesome night with Madonna! Let's hope we managed to redeem our city's reputation with her and that this won't be the last time she visits!!

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  1. Great Post! I was at the second show at the end of the catwalk. Thank you so much for writing this!