Sunday, 30 September 2012


It all began with a Tweet.

That's right, Madonna's manager Guy Oseary sent out his tweet to legions of fans asking who should be deserving of Golden Triangle tickets for the Madonna shows in Vancouver. The Golden Triangle is the "pit" area right by the stage. It's standing room only, but roomy enough to dance and jump and scream and shout!!

So at midnight on Friday evening/Saturday morning, I replied to tell him how much I loved Madonna and that I blog about her on this site as much as possible, whenever I could! I got an instant direct message. I had won Golden Triangle tickets!!!

Cut to the next day, after hours of scrambling to try to get rid of the seats I had already bought, and coordinating with other friends who had also won Golden Triangle tickets, it was time for the show! Now, she did not come on stage until well after 10pm. That's fine. Because she is WORTH THE WAIT.

I have seen her Drowned World, Reinvention, Confessions, and Sticky and Sweet tours live, with Reinvention being my favourite and Sticky & Sweet being my least. Where does this current MDNA tour fall? It's MUCH better than her last visit here on her Sticky & Sweet run. The songs are way more fun, the stage more elaborate, and the show just overall better. I Loved IT!

What was with the guy in the front who didn't know the lyrics to Open Your Heart when Madonna herself thrust the microphone at him????!!!  How do you not know them? When you're in the Golden Triangle!?

Highlights of the show for me: I loved the Majorette sequence, especially when she sings EXPRESS YOURSELF and fuses Lady Gaga's Born This Way right into it. Amazing. Dancing with mirrors for HUMAN NATURE was awesome. The opening I loved, which led us right into her gun-toting numbers GIRL GONE WILD, REVOLVER, and GANG BANG. The mini motel scene for GANG BANG was sensational! LIKE A PRAYER everybody went Ballistic for! I wish there was more of HOLIDAY and more of her son ROCCO, who was totally cute! And also cute was manager Guy Oseary who was in the Triangle as well, keeping an eye on things and posing with us for photos! Thank you again Mr Guy Oseary for the Golden Triangle tickets!! (Also, is there any news on those Reinvention and Blond Ambition tour DVDs? Just asking.)

Was Madonna pissed at the crowd for being lame? Probably. We were. People who just stood around trying to pose for pictures while she's singing? Come On. She's giving you a SHOW. She is working her ASS off. Yeah, I get it. She's freaking MADONNA, and when else are you gonna get a chance to take a picture with her, unless you're near the stage and she's RIGHT THERE. Trust me, I KNOW. But still, give her all your luvin, folks. She's giving it her all. Dance, scream, clap, sing, everything you can!!

Madonna performs again tonight at Rogers Arena.  And I will totally be there again!!!!

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