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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

VIFF: The Last White Knight

I had no idea that the director of this film also directed the documentary Prom Night in Mississippi, which focuses on a high school in the South that to this day, has all-white proms. The same director once went down to Mississippi back in the 1960s to help with the civil rights movement. While there, he was beaten up by KKK members. He has recently gone back down there and located one of his assailants, and has interviewed him and forms the basis of this documentary, The Last White Knight.

I had tears streaming down my face the moment the movie began. Watching these two older men talk about the incident that happened between them all those years ago, fighting for what they believed in and being on opposite sides of the issue. I hate hatred. It sucks. Watching this will definitely infuriate you. Interviews with Harry Belafonte and Morgan Freeman help balance out interviews with Klan members and the like.

It is a fascinating film that could very well be brought back for another screening! If so, try to catch it at the Vancouver International Film Festival!

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