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Friday, 12 October 2012

Little Shop of Horrors - Jericho Arts Centre

I had a date last night.

I don't think it worked out. I mean, I liked him. But I didn't feel like he was all that into me.

Oh well. I really should just go and get that cat I've been eyeing, right?

On the bright side of things, I got to go see Fighting Chance Productions' opening show of the season, Little Shop of Horrors!

This is the perfect treat for Halloween, so get a group together, bring your kids, and enjoy this musical horror comedy with catchy tunes and a hilarious story of a blood-thirsty plant, a nerdy botanist, and a psycho dentist! 

Kerry O'Donovan's shy but strong Seymour shone brightly, as did his co-star, Melissa Maxine, who as Audrey, belted out the numbers like a true stage diva. Greg Delmage - you can be my dentist any time!  Delmage juggled several hats, but none as delightful as the menacing Orin. The three ladies who made up the singing trio of Chiffon, Ronette, and Crystal had fabulous chops and helped add humour to the already funny show. 

Little Shop Of Horrors plays at the Jericho Arts Centre now until October 27! Go suddenly see more shows this Fall! Don't miss out! 

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