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Wednesday 25 April 2012

IZM (at The Cultch to April 29)

"Dance to express, not to impress."

So are the words of IZM choreographer, Crazy Smooth, who wrote a message to celebrate International Dance Day on April 29th. What better way to celebrate it, Vancouver, than by checking out this amazing show on now until Sunday at The Cultch?


I don't often go out to see dance shows, because I always feel like I don't know anything about dance. But one doesn't need to have studied ballet to take in a dance performance and get something out of it. If you're a newbie to the dance world, then IZM is probably gonna be one of the best introductions for you because it is one hell of a good time.

My friend Alexis who went with me is a dancer, and she once told me that art existed to help raise the level of humanity. Watching IZM tonight, I really resonated with those words and their performance. It brought me so much hope and filled my heart with so much happiness, just to see these people dancing, living their dream, and doing their hip hop, urban dance, B-Boy moves.

It was mind bending and body bending, fantastic, and breathtaking. I was literally moved to tears of joy. There's a scene that involves a bit of sparring, and I thought, wouldn't it just be wonderful if wars were fought with dance? Bodies spiraled upwards, spiraled downwards, heads bent this way, legs the other. This is an organic and dynamic experience not to be missed!

Dance to express, not to impress.

You will be moved.

Tickets are almost sold out, so get them while you can!

Bboyizm presents IZM at The Cultch now until April 29th.

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