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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Herschel Herschel Herschel!

It was an impulse buy.

I didn't INTEND on getting one, let alone two.

But I did feel the need to get a stylish iPad holder, and had heard about a little Vancouver company called Herschel.

The Herschel Supply Company makes some REALLY COOL THINGS. And yes, they are Vancouver based! How fun is that?

So I went in search of a Herschel iPad holder, wandered the boutique shops in Gastown - some of whom (like One of a Few) do carry Herschel, but not what I was looking for. For a Vancouver-based company, it is pretty hard to locate where to buy Herschel in Vancouver! There's also a shop on Granville Street downtown called Underworld that carries Herschel Supply Co. I eventually ended up at Simply Computing over on Broadway and they had the iPad holders in stock. Seriously, how cute is this!?

I was all set to get it and leave, until I turned around and was smacked with a wall of Herschel bags. What!? My iPad case went clattering to the ground in disbelief. I quickly picked it up before anyone else could swipe it, but it was lunchtime on a weekday, so I was in the clear. Anyhow, I wandered over to some of the Herschel messenger/laptop bags, and fondled their straps, caressed their zippers, and decided to open one up. I was greeted with a wonderfully bright red candy-striped lining on the inside, and a fur-lined section to hold laptops or other delicates.

With its simple exterior, it's really what's on the inside that counts, as they say. I was in heaven. I was in love.

And I needed to buy that love. So I did.

Hello, LOVER.

I walked away with two Herschel items that day. If you're looking for some fun bags or wallets or iPad cases, then please think local, please think Herschel!


  1. Hey where can I find the laptop/messenger bag? Picture #4?

  2. If you're in Vancouver, I got mine at Simply Computing on Broadway!

  3. Thanks for mentioning us, FunFunVancouver! We now have the Fall collection in stock. I hope you'll be back soon to check them out!