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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Giant Invisible Robot

The Tremors festival really is a cool event taking place in town right now. Without it, we wouldn't be getting a chance to see all these independent theatre shows being put on with such calibre of talent and production value.

The last time I attended a theatre where there were multiple performances going on was across the pond in London, England. We arrived for some Cirque-type performance, alongside tuxedos and evening gowns attending a symphony one room over and other live plays taking place within the same space. I thought it was a superb idea to have a theatre housing all sorts of different performances, where a variety of patrons get to mingle with one another before heading off to their respective shows.

At The Cultch on Tuesday night, I experienced this again. With The Last Days of Judas Iscariot playing in The Historic Theatre at the Cultch, only mere metres away in the more intimate Vancity Culture Lab, the show Giant Invisible Robot ran simultaneously to a sold out audience.

Giant Invisible Robot is produced by Stars and Hearts and written and performed by the amazingly talented Jayson McDonald. For a full hour, this one-man show tells the story of pain and escape, through multiple characters that include an army general (General Panic), a woman at a cafe, a mad scientist, a stay-in-school motivational speaker, an innocent boy, an abused teen, and the man who grows up alongside his invisible friend, the Giant Invisible Robot.

McDonald's manic energy is a wonder to watch. He holds you captivated in the palm of his hand. He holds you down and tickles you until you're in stitches, then reaches right inside and breaks your heart completely.

Giant Invisible Robot is on now at the Vancity Culture Lab at The Cultch, until April 21st.

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