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Friday, 20 April 2012

God of Carnage

I've seen the play God of Carnage three times now. The first was in New York and boy was it a serious drama. Then there's the movie version with Jodie Foster and Kate Winslet and you know there's nothing funny about those two. Now playing at the Vancouver Playhouse, the comedy is put back in to this dark comedy. The audience was rolling in the aisles at the antics happening on stage.

What would you do if your kid hit another kid? GOD OF CARNAGE explores an explosive evening between two sets of parents who come together for a civil conversation but who wind up taking things down to the playground level. It's a well-written noteworthy play that exposes the juvenile behaviour in all of us.

Vickie Papavs plays Annette, who probably gets the most laughs out of the audience with her Carol Burnett-esque delivery and physical comedic timing. The set design is spot on, with its minimalist starkness that also works itself into the play by helping separate the two sets of adversaries with its finely balanced symmetry. It begins with the two sets of parents at odds with each other, but as the play progresses, individuals end up switching teams, occasionally making it the men vs the women, or those with similar beliefs siding with one another, even if it's against their own partner.

The Broadway production was only done in 2009, so it's great to see this being mounted in Vancouver so soon afterwards. If it weren't for the Vancouver Playhouse, audiences may have had to wait even longer to witness this piece of work. There is definitely a lot more humour in this production which helps alleviate the tension of the situation while also shining a spotlight on the absurdities.

God of Carnage runs now until May 5 at the Vancouver Playhouse. Tickets can be purchased online.

With the news that the Vancouver Playhouse was winding down its operations, it had to be touched upon at last night's premiere. There is a misconception (me included) that what this meant was that building was going to lay empty. I was glad to hear that it isn't the case at all and that other theatre companies would use it and that there are plans for future shows already coming to that space! But with nearly half a century under their belt, losing the Vancouver Playhouse company is definitely a blow to the theatre scene. So get out there and support local theatre! Going to see God of Carnage is the perfect way to show your support.

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  1. Saw the show last night; It's just great. And don't forget, you can buy $20 rush seats, one hour before curtain.