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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Ryan Steele and Amy Gee Show!

I love Ryan Steele and Amy Gee! Have you seen their shows or videos before? If not, you MUST go to their live show at the Rio Theatre on Thursday night!

I first caught Ryan stripping to his skivvies and singing a parody of Michael Jackson's "Jam" back in the day over at the Biltmore. Since then, my girl friends and I have stalked him relentlessly, tracking him down at whatever bar he might be working at, locating him on Grindr to see photos of his cats. Amazingness.

Then of course there's Amy. I've only met her once or twice and she probably has a line-up of fans rushing to greet her, so she probably won't remember me telling her how awesome she was one night at the Cobalt.

But don't take my word for it, here are some videos you need to brief yourself on to get to know these two better:

And here is their entry for the Virgin 95.3 FM "Fake Film Fest" contest, in which people were asked to submit a remake of a famous movie done in one minute. They do a hilarious version of Ghost, check it out! And Vote for them here if you like! (Internet Explorer or Firefox recommended.)

Anyhow, catch the Ryan Steele and Amy Gee show Thursday night at the Rio Theatre!

Thursday Feb 23rd, Join Friends of Dorothy and Host "Isolde N. Barron" in Welcoming "The Ryan Steele and Amy Gee Show" LIVE onstage at the Rio Theatre. Enjoy a Cabaret Style Evening with Drinks and Laughs at The Rio Theatre. Licensed Event (19+) Doors/Cocktails at 7:00, Show begins at 8:00pm

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