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Monday, 27 February 2012

Free Tea Day at David's Tea!

"David's Tea is celebrating the extra day in February by offering free large cups of tea to their customers on February 29. This promotion is running all day on February 29, at all David's Tea locations. There will be two teas on tap for the event. Details for this promotion are scarce, but there will probably be a limit of one free large cup of tea per customer, per location."

I love tea. I'm more tea than I am coffee, to say the least. You can usually find me parked at Murchie's, or sniffing out samples over at Apres-Midi in Gastown. On occasion, you might find me and my friend Susannah having Afternoon Tea around town. I think we've tried every place imaginable, although we are constantly looking for new places to have High Tea.

I was quite distraught when Infuze closed its doors. But with Montreal-based David's Tea opening up shop in Vancouver, I was very excited! They certainly have their marketing down. I own their glass travel thermos, which has beautiful craftsmanship and everyone at work oohs and aahs at it. It kinda fails on the usefulness side, however, and I am better off with a regular teapot. Still, it's fun to have! And David's Tea is a fun place to visit! The staff are super hyped up on tea, and are more than willing to open up their big giant canisters for you to sample and smell.

David's Tea can be found at Oakridge mall, Brentwood mall, and West 4th Avenue.

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