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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Duet for One

Last week I went to see the United Players of Vancouver's production of Duet for One.

It has been running since January 20th, and the audience was fully packed! Just another sign that people in Vancouver are thirsty for theatre! Additional seating has been set up for this production as well, with audience members literally spilling onto the set.

This two person play centers around a violinist who has lost her ability to play due to MS, and we find her wheelchair-bound in her therapist's office trying to come to terms with her new life. Alison Raine sparkles as the reluctant patient, unwilling to deal with how she truly feels, while her shrink prods and pokes at her to get her to open up. We drown in uncomfortable silences as we wait for the therapy to evolve, and are treated to violin music and famous quotes that flash onto the wall during scene changes.

With Raine getting most of the lines, the play ultimately becomes a one-woman show as her character is the one who is going through the catharsis, with a side of questioning and advice from her therapist, played by a strong-but-silent Graham Bullen. Director John Murphy hopes that "audiences will leave the theatre equipped with a deeper understanding of the life of an artist."

Duet For One plays Thursday through Sunday at the Jericho Arts Centre, until February 12. Tickets are $16-$20. More info here.

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