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Sunday, 9 October 2016

The Concierge of Vancouver

With Vancouver's housing crisis on the front page these days, the world premiere of the play The Concierge of Vancouver couldn't be more timely. The story follows a quirky up and coming reporter trying to bring in the scoop on a big time bank scandal and a shady condo building in Vancouver. At the heart of the drama is a goofy concierge who also appears to be the mastermind behind a faux charity organization. 

At times predictable, I found that the show didn't live up to its promise of being a "satire about the housing market in Vancouver" but rather became a lesson in money laundering. Also, the use of Justin Timberlake's annoying song Can't Stop the Feeling didn't help me like the play any further. 

It is however, a refreshing take on what might be happening here in the Lower Mainland when it comes to the cost of living and housing prices. Rather than the usual racist chatter that gets bantered about so easily, this play offers up a different, though at times far-fetched, perspective on what perhaps is really behind Vancouver's hot real estate market. 

The Concierge of Vancouver is on until November 16th at Studio 1398 on Granville Island.

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