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Monday, 17 October 2016

Love, The Sea

I feel sorry for you. I also feel guilty. Why? Because you probably didn't get to go see Studio 58 and Risky Nights' production of Love, The Sea - An Underwater Play. And I would've told you about it sooner had I not gone on the very last day.

"Now in its 17th season, the Risky Nights Series is designed as a bridge between classroom work and main stage productions. At the conclusion of their second year of training, students have an invaluable opportunity to create every aspect of an original theatre piece from start to finish with a professional director, and perform it for an intimate audience."

Knowing that, it is even more amazing to have witnessed what Directors Tim Carlson and Daniel Doheny and the fourth term students of Studio 58 have created and delivered. Love, The Sea takes place beneath the water and it revolves around letters written by Virginia Woolf, who killed herself by walking into a river with stones in her pockets.

This experience immerses you into a magical and mystical world, held in a dark room and lit by lights adorning the actors (in diving helmets, glowing jellyfish and giant turtles, and glass bottle containing a white light, i.e. Woolf's soul). 

It was astounding and probably the coolest show I've seen all year. I wish it could have been on for longer than a week. I would've returned to see it again and again and brought everyone I know with me.

Dear Studio 58 and Risky Nights, please bring this back as soon as you can.
Love, Fun Fun Vancouver.

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