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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Comfort Cottages

Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of PAL Studios is the world premiere of the play Comfort Cottages!

This is a delightful story of four retired women who inherit a roadside motel, which turns out to be a psuedo-brothel in its heyday. The owner of the motel may now be gone, but her patrons are still stopping by, and it's up to these four ladies to set them straight! Or will these lonely truckers have more of an effect on them than they expect?

I'm usually quite leary about world premiere plays, because you are quite literally the guinea pig! And I've seen and read my share of plays to know which ones I like and which ones I find to be amateur. Comfort Cottages I am happy to report is one that does an excellent job of bringing a story to life without the use of gimmicks or endless multiple scene changes, and the ability to stage the play on a stationary set. Bravo, everyone!

In attendance were friends and family and media, but also William B. Davis of The X-Files fame, so if The Smoking Man supports this play, then why shouldn't you?! Plus, there's lots of talk about older actresses getting and creating work. Ryan Murphy loves to embrace legends like Jessica Lange, Angela Bassset, and Kathy Bates in his television shows, so it's nice to see that here in Vancouver, the landscape is also as embracing.

Comfort Cottages is charming and funny and may just inspire you to realize it's never too late to start something new. It runs at the PAL Studios now until Oct 23. Get your tickets online.

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