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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Angels In America: Part One - Millennium Approaches

I finally had the privilege to go see the much talked about Studio 58 production of Angels in America: Millennium Approaches. It was well worth the wait! It's a highly ambitious play to mount, in terms of the dialogue and the sets, but Studio 58 pulls everything off flawlessly.

The amazing set design by Drew Facey is stunningly original and effective, as the scenes change and flow, we are instantly carried away from a NewYork apartment into a mens' bathroom and then over to a hillside in Salt Lake City. It's simple, but it works extremely well.

Then there's the acting. Studio 58 continues to keep up their reputation as being one of the most talented powerhouse theatres in town. All the actors did a stupendous job but the one breakout performance of the night for me had to have been Julien Galipeau's portrayal of  Prior. He turns on a dime from campy to heartbreak. Just when you think the scene is going to be light and fluffy, Galipeau will deliver a line or a look that will sucker punch you right in the gut.

Tony Kushner's award-winning and iconic play is done justice here at Studio 58. Everything culminates into a cliffhanging reveal that is well worth the 3 hour journey it takes to get there.

You only have one last chance to go see this production, as it ends today with one final matinee performance! It's raining out, so why not go take in some top notch theatre?

Angels in America Part One : Millennium Approaches is on at Studio 58 at Langara College.

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