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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Subway Stations of the Cross

Ins Choi's Subway Stations of The Cross is a bold and surprising selection for Pacific Theatre's second show of the season.

The harsh fluorescent lighting that you walk into upon the start of the show helps exemplify the starkness of the mood that Choi is trying to create with his one man show. Part religious sermon, part musical, and part social commentary (and 1/4 part knock knock jokes), the performance is based on an encounter Choi had with a homeless man in Toronto years prior.

I'm not sure the show landed quite right for me, as the message seemed to be a bit lost. Choi's performance was heartfelt and his singing showcased the passion he had for this work. With the stylings of a slam poet to the croonings of a musical storyteller, Choi manages to run the gamut of emotions from anger to sadness with spoken word soliloquies and the strumming of his ukulele.

Subway Stations of the Cross is on now at the Pacific Theatre until November 23.

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