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Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Art is supposed to raise up humanity, someone once said to me. I believe that with Loon, that is exactly the case. This poetic performance from Portland's Wonderheads tells the solitary tale of a lonely janitor searching for love.

It's more than that however.  It's a love letter to the lonely and broken hearted. It's an affirmation that your story is worth telling. I know because I am one of the many who are out here looking up to the moon for some answers.

Beautifully done with no intermission, this show is great for any age, young, old, in-between. Everyone will get something out of it, whether that be humour or sadness or both. This is easily an instant classic, done with such grace and simple beauty.

Loon is on now at The Cultch until November 23.

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