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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

It's an iconic story, one of which I was not familiar with. It's true. I haven't read the book nor have I seen the movie. So, what better way to have my Cuckoo cherry popped than by the fine company at Studio 58?

You have one week left to see this show, that has been garnering rave reviews all around town. And well deserved too! The set itself is a wonder to marvel at. The moment you walk into the theatre, you are walking through the famed asylum, with the utmost attention paid to every last detail so big props to Gregory Radzimowski and his Set Crew team who cobbled this wondrous world together.

All of the actors do a tremendous job, with a huge amount of leg work done by lead actor Markian Tarasiuk as the notorious R.P. McMurphy. You know everyone will be comparing him to Jack Nicholson's performance, but I fortunately have the luxury of not having seen it so was able to enjoy Tarasiuk's performance on its own without comparison. He is devilish and charming and heartbreaking in one fell swoop.

For anyone else out there not familiar with the story like me, it's about a new patient who arrives at a psych ward and tries to rally the troops against the evil Nurse Ratched (played by Erin Cassidy) who runs the floor with an iron fist. Even she is somewhat sympathetic, however, because really, she's just trying to do her job and her job is seemingly all she has going for her in life.

Dramatic and emotional,  One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest is on now until November 30 at Studio 58 at Langara. Tickets available online.

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