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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Whose Life Is It Anyway?

The current show at the Cultch is heavy and intense and thought provoking. Whose Life Is It Anyway? is a lengthy play about a paralyzed man who chooses to die and has to fight against the medical system that doesn't want to let him. This hot topic is rich and complex and will definitely get you talking. What would you do in that situation? What if you were the doctor struggling with the ethics versus the wishes of the patient?

Jennifer Lines (Dr. Scott), Bob Frazer (Ken Harrison)

Marci T House (judge), Patti Allan (Sister Anderson), Michael Kopsa (Dr. Emerson)

The actors do a tremendous job, and the multi-award winning play by Brian Clark is fully formed and provides a multitude of perspectives on the matter.  The set by Pam Johnson works wonderfully as a stark hospital brought to life by this powerful debate and conversation.

Whose Life Is It Anyway? will entertain you, but more importantly, challenge you. It will dare you to go beyond the realm of the theatre and into the real world to research and learn more about this issue and make you ponder, what would you do?

Brian Clark's Whose Life Is It Anyway? plays at The Cultch now until March 22nd.

(Photos by Tim Matheson)

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