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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

To Wear a Heart So White

You'll have to forgive me for feeling like Stefon of 'Saturday Night Live' fame but no; this isn't the latest nightclub to open. However, Leaky Heaven's 'To Wear a Heart So White' certainly has everything.

Sometimes this reviewer feels like he's 'Stefon' of SNL.

In a mere 65 minutes, you get group hypnosis, a zombie ghost, little girls with strobe-light sneakers, an aircraft carrier in a storm, Earth-rise from the International Space Station, window washers, talking taxidermy, aurora borealis, David Bowie, slow motion live action, Costco product placement, beautiful live piano and singing, incantations with audience participation, sex that can only be described as boinking, and if you're lucky to get the right seat, free food, wine, and swine—all fit for a king.


All that is wrapped up in a loosely narrative framework of Shakespeare's 'Macbeth.' While much of this version of the Scottish play, itself mixed with Canadian, Russian, and First Nation cultural references, is clever and beautiful, it occasionally swings into silliness. However in the last few scenes, this hi-tech, quadrophonic piece of meta-theater redeems itself as an arty, trippy, psychedelic, and ultimately sweet play.

To Wear a Heart So White

March 25-30, 2014 at 8 PM; Saturday matinee at 2 PM
Russian Hall, 600 Campbell Ave., Vancouver
Tickets: $15-$20 at Brown Paper Tickets
More info. at Leaky Heaven

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