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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Waiting for Ghostbusters

On now from to November 30th is the meta-filled 80s-reference-dropping ode to Slimer and the boys, Genus Theatre's Waiting For Ghostbusters.

Held at Renegade Studios at 125 East 2nd Avenue, you are led into the bowels of the old Vancouver Playhouse's rehearsal space. If you haven't been in there before, that alone is worth checking out. The show itself makes reference to the downfall of the Vancouver Playhouse, a sad turning point in Vancouver's theatre scene. So it was fitting that this show about ghost hunting was held in a space haunted by memories of productions past.

There are a few musical numbers in this production, but none of  the songs were as memorable as the original Ghostbusters hit single. Some of the jokes fell a bit flat for the audience, as the show jumped back and forth between the actual Ghostbusters musical and the backstage antics and power struggles going on between cast, director, and producer.

Waiting For Ghostbusters plays until November 30th at Renegade Studios.

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