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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Bread & Salt

The other night I was fortunate enough to attend Bread & Salt - A Tribute to the East End's Historic Ukrainian Community. Presented by Vancouver Moving Theatre, this cultural foray into the history of Vancouver's Ukrainian community is both entertaining and educational. With direction by James Fagan Tait, whose work I have seen at Bard on the Beach, this show is artistically done by mixing scenes of personal stories with traditional Ukraine dance. Throw in a live orchestral band and a full choir, and you end up finding yourself enveloped by the entire production, like a warm giant embrace welcoming you into the Ukrainian community.

The entire weekend has now been sold out, unfortunately for those who didn't manage to snag a ticket. Those attending on Sunday evening will be treated to a traditional Ukrainian dinner in addition to the performance.

There was definitely something festive in the air, and it felt like the perfect way to kick off the holiday season! I learned quite a bit about this community, who went through some turbulent times here in the Lower Mainland, including being dragged off to internment camps during WWI.

Happy 85th Anniverary to the Association of United Ukrainian Canadians (AUUC)!  Thank you for having me at your celebration!

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