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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Daisy Theatre

All hail Ronnie Burkett, who has returned to The Cultch with his latest masterpiece, The Daisy Theatre. I've seen about three of his shows before, and have loved every one of them. This one however, has to be the most different piece he's ever done before. He even gave a little speech at the beginning about how this show contains no apocalypse or tragedy and that it was all about having fun. And this show is indeed fun! I've never seen Mr Burkett more joyous at one of shows before! He looked like he was having a blast!

The Daisy Theatre is Burkett's cabaret of performers that include a twerking librarian, a mad cow, Jim Bunny the muscular gay rabbit, a fat German opera singer, one of Satan's helpers, and a very demanding diva, to name a few. The show is political and current with biting humour that trashes everything in its path, from the Edmonton audiences he just performed for to Rob Ford, the Vancouver Playhouse, the Arts Club, Georgia Straight's renowned theatre critic Colin Thomas, and even himself! Not even Mary Poppins is safe from the wrath! But it's all done in jest and satirical irony, the way only Ronnie Burkett can do it.

The Daisy Theatre is now playing at the Cultch until December 15.

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