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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Cocktails at Pam's

Upon walking into Studio 1398 at Granville Island, I was impressed with the set that was laid out before me - a 60s living room with mid-century furnishings that I gladly would have taken home with me. We have Lauchlin Johnston to thank for this, and he was also responsible for the gorgeous set design at Pacific Theatre's The Foreigner so it's great to see that he is consistent with doing amazing set design!

Cocktails at Pam's is written by Edmonton's Stewart Lemoine, and is in short, amazingly absurd. It centers around a 60s cocktail party gone awry. The cast of actors each bring their own special brand of crazy to the show, which is made even easier with the writing of such strong individual characters. Direction by Stephen Heatley is simply superb, as the space is utilized to the max and there's not one second of the show that didn't capture my attention. Imagine stepping into some perverse 60s sitcom, as you won't believe the shenanigans that go on at this insane cocktail hour. 


Silly and random to the nth degree, this is a wonderful show that will is certain to delight and make you laugh. Dare I say, this might be the freshest show to be playing right now in Vancouver? Kudos to Staircase XI Theatre for mounting this Fun! Fun! production! 


Catch the lunacy and ferver of the stupendously hilarious COCKTAILS AT PAM'S now showing at Studio 1398 (Granville Island) until November 30th!

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